Open Gratitude

There’s a lot of mixed feelings about 15.3. Here are some of my thoughts: The initial intention of the CF Games series was to crown the fittest in the world. After a year or two of the Games at the ranch in Aromas, it became known as a powerful community event for folks with a […]

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Being a Maven. Being relentless

A Maven is an individual who pushes HARDER than anyone else. They are never satisfied, there’s always MORE to do. They know EXACTLY who they are. They don’t need to have other people pat them on the back, tell them what a great job they’re doing. He or she actually prefers the SILENCE. Because they […]

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Inch By Inch

What’s the season here in Michigan? It seems as though this past week we experienced the heart of winter in the middle of fall. Fortunately our new facility has a workhorse of a heater that is able to keep our 15,000-sq./ft. facility pretty warm. In the meantime bundle up for the holidays as our coaches […]

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The Paradigm Shift

We initially approached Marie for a testimonial.  She was a perfect example of improvements you can make at Maven in fitness and life. When we received her testimonial it was much more than that. It embodied and perfectly explained the Maven culture and mindset. Without further ado. Enter Marie When people, particularly women, give testimonies […]

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Maven of the Month Feature: Michelle Tasich

The first month in our new facility is just about in the books. There is something special about being involved in the rise of a community and movement. The people involved are the most important part of it and for the month of October we would like to highlight someone who makes our community what […]

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“I’m not there…yet.” Part 1

Have you ever noticed that the top of a mountain’s peak is bare? That whispers something interesting to me. I hear, “Psssst…Hey, if you want to grow, if you want those around you to grow, find a massive mountain. Seek the long journey.”   Nothing grows on the mountain top, the environment extinguishes the possibility. […]

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